The Customer

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Like any good detective, I’ll use one of my childhood favourites the charismatic Hercule Poirot; to solve a mystery you need to look at the evidence around you. You need to scratch the surface then go deeper than that.  Are there clues? If so what?  Is there a motive? What is the motive?

You are probably thinking “What is he talking about? How does this relate to marketing”?  Well fear not. I’ll explain.

What I mean is this. In marketing you look you also look at the evidence around you. So for a marketer you look at the fundamental question – what is it that the customer wants? This is where you start to put your thinking cap on, dig deeper and investigate mon’amie. What are you trying to market? What research has been done and how can you anticipate what the customer needs?

Like Poirot, you look back at the clues. For marketing these clues could be within CRM systems such as HubSpot – looking at email campaigns, looking at open rates, delivery rates, bounce rates, click-through rates – customer interaction. These are just a few to name and by also looking at main databases. Ask yourself what information do you already have on customers? What is relevant and could more information be gathered. If so, how? From the “clues” gathered this acts as evidence and also as a catalyst to dig deeper, and in a sense to help you solve the case of the customer – what it is that they want and how you as a marketer can satisfy that need. Case closed.

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