Yesterday I attended the Excel Centre for this event:



I went simply for two reasons – to learn more about marketing and to put myself out there to the marketing world. I met a lot of marketing professionals and attended and participated in some workshops. One workshop I attended was this one:


2014-06-19 09.55.01

The first topic of discussion was brands and the reason why we buy certain products. The main reasons that came up in the discussion were:

1. Like – people buy brands simply because they like them and are easily accessible.

2. Reputation – if a brand has a good reputation it automatically leaves a positive mark; a footprint.

3. The brands you buy align to your values – they are a representation of who you are.

4. Popularity herd mentality – if a brand is popular or ‘fashionable’ it generates a buzz and people follow.

It is vital to always understand the impact of  behaviour on brands and reputation. You are  your OWN brand and you can be defined by:

1. Experiences and credentials
2. What you want to be known for
3. Your core values
4. Legacy

How would you describe your own brand? How would I describe my own brand?
My experiences and credentials are that I am professional, I am articulate, I am knowledgeable and good at picking up knowledge i.e. learning .I want to be known for being a catalyst – making things happen and using initiative. My core values, values that are at the heart of me, that are my being is my drive, ambition and NO QUIT mentality. Quit is not in my dictionary (check out my LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=221665836&trk=spm_pic). The legacy I want to leave is mentioned in all of the above. I want to be the best marketer I can be. I want to be a story- teller.

It was great attending the workshop being among other marketing professionals and learning from them. This helped add more fuel to the fire that was already burning in my belly – PASSION.
To be the best marketer you can be you need to have drive. You need to have ambition. You need to have passion. “Do it with passion or not at all” ~ ANON.



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