What time is it?

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I am sure you have all heard the expression that “time is money”. If you do not manage your time correctly it can indeed be costly.

This article in a sense is an extension to my previous one – The Plan. This is because to plan you have to manage your time and to manage your time you need to plan.

When working within the financial services sector, I learned just how critical time can be. I had to work within a 48 hour service level agreement to process and open as many business accounts as possible. Pressure? Stressful? Yes it was at times but the one thing I learnt to do to be time efficient and productive was to PRIORITISE. The accounts that had less time to be opened would be processed first as this would keep the business within the agreed service level agreement (SLA) and also help maintain customer satisfaction. This also applies to marketing.

When tasks need to be done and are time critical, it is important to prioritise as this can help you feel less pressure, less stress and also help you meet your objectives and ultimately deliver good customer service.

A tool that is also good for time management is a Gantt chart. Gantt charts are used to show the time needed to perform each task in a project. The timescale should cover each task from the start to the finish date of each project. This tool cannot only be used for business purposes but also personal ones too. Below I have created a rough five year career development plan to show what my target will be each year and what action needs to be taken to achieve this. Like a Gantt chart, the table below illustrates how each task/target relates to each other and how I can achieve it within the required timescale.


2014-06-18 09.43.06


As you can see time is a commodity and to pay the price we have to manage our time productively. “Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else” ~ Peter F.Drucker.



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