Face-ing the facts

2014-06-03 21.51.08

A few months ago on LinkedIn (check out my profile https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=221665836&trk=spm_pic ) I decided to put a topic up for discussion in The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) official group. The topic was simply this: “With Facebook being such a dominant force in social media, will the bubble ever burst”?

It was interesting to see what other marketing professionals thought of the dominant force that is Facebook. Quite a few professionals participated but one comment resonated with me. It was this one:

I believe that all of Social Media platforms will come face to face with three problems; Managing interaction with other platforms, Too much data for it to become personal to the user, Satisfying Shareholders” (Dave Dugdale ,Director and Principal Consultant at Dugdale Consulting Limited).

What resonated with me was the part by Mr Dugdale about too much data. Can having too much data be a bad thing? Yes, I think so. With Facebook acquiring WhatsApp for $19billion and having more data on its customers it can in a sense ‘de-humanise’ the customer experience as they can be seen as just a number, a statistic, a piece  of ‘data’ if the data acquired is not used and handled correctly.

It is without doubt that not just Facebook but other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest even WordPress (which I am currently using) can be a powerful medium to get a message across, to build brand awareness and dominance. I believe if Facebook did cease to exist it would be replaced by another social media platform as I cannot see the social media bubble bursting anytime soon. However, as marketers for us to use social media platforms effectively, we should in the words of Jae Baer focus on how to be social, not just how to do social. We should look at social media as if we are “socialising” like we do in business meetings, in presentations, like we do offline and that will help us be more social online and get across the right message we wish to convey.




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