The Human Touch


As a Social Media Contributor on LinkedIn, I participate in and create group discussions. I also look at updates from marketing professionals as well as put up my own. One day when I was browsing LinkedIn, there was one update that instantly caught my eye. It was from David Gurteen – Knowledge Management consultant, speaker and facilitator, founder of the Gurteen Knowledge. It was this:

What a powerful statement. Why you may ask? This is because human interaction is in my opinion the most powerful form in helping to deliver a message, in helping to collaborate for success.

“H2H”  may be seen as a “fad” to some but it offers intangible elements. Elements you do not feel or touch as they have no physical form but rather you experience for example a warm welcome i.e. a smile, eye contact. It is performed by people for people.This helps build a stronger relationship and a bond with all parties involved which costs NOTHING. However, the payoff could be rewarding in the size of the transaction of telling the marketing story – of identifying, anticipating and ultimately satisfying the customers needs.

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