The Never-Ending Story


One of my favourite childhood films, actually scrap that one of my favourite films of ALL TIME was The Never-Ending Story. I loved the fantasy, the action, the adventure, the catchy self-entitled song. I wanted to be in that film; I wanted it to be real, I wanted to be that kid. #NoJoke

The film centres around a shy young male protagonist called Sebastian Bux who stumbles across a book in an antiques book store owned by Carl Conrad Correander. That book is called the Never-Ending Story. Day and night young Sebastian becomes transfixed with the book until one day, he actually becomes part of the story. He enters the world of Fantastica where he goes on many adventures with his trusted luck dragon Falkor. Sebastian meets the child-like Empress and promises to her he will help restore Fantastica.  Before you all have a puzzled look thinking “How does this relate to marketing”? I’ll explain.

As you see how Sebastian becomes transfixed with the book that he becomes part of the story, as marketers we too have to become transfixed in telling the marketing story. We have to become deeply embedded in identifying, anticipating and satisfying the customers needs that we become part of the story. As Sebastian does indeed restore Fantastica, we too have to maintain and at times restore the customers faith in us that we are giving them the products and services that they want, need and deserve. We in a sense, have to enter their world.

As the narrator of The Never-Ending Story concludes that there is always another story to tell, this is marketing. Why?  This is because marketing is indeed a NEVER-ENDING STORY. It cannot be a 9-5 job because the customer never sleeps. There is always another story we as marketers have to tell (hence the image of me turning a blank page) in identifying, anticipating and satisfying the customers needs.

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