The Past

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I remember when I was at university and my friends and I went to Cineworld in Wood Green (nostalgia) to watch the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I remember laughing at how the film depicted a traditional Greek wedding but I also remember one quote in the film. I loved that quote.  It was when Nick Portokalos was in the living room talking to his sister Toula (the female protagonist) as she was planning her wedding. He said to her “Don’t let your past dictate who you are, but let it be part of who you will become” (  Although it was years ago I watched that film, I never forgotten that one quote. It can relate to a lot of things you experience in life but it can also relate to marketing. I will explain why.

As a marketer, if you look at past campaigns and techniques you and your business have done it can serve as prerequisite into how to market your products or services in the future. Looking at the past campaigns and techniques you have used such as e-mail marketing, database marketing, guerrilla marketing, event marketing (the list is endless) you can see what worked and what did not. You can analyse the ‘historic data’ so to speak, that you already have and learn from it to market a more successful campaign, a more successful product or service to your desired audience. Ask yourself from past experience; “What went wrong“? What went right“? “Why was it successful“? “Why was it unsuccessful”?  You have proof and evidence from the past so use it to your advantage to help shape you into the best marketer you can be in the future.

The past in a sense can offer great insight and experience for the future but as marketers it up to us how we use this information to tell a successful marketing story.  Listen to Nick Portokalos words of wisdom.




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