The Playmaker


I think it was during the summer of 2007 when my niece came over to visit and she was bored so I turned the TV on and watched the Disney Channel with her. What came on was High School Musical. I thought to myself here we go again another cheesy kids film with bad acting, bad haircuts and bad dress sense.  However, to my surprise…I actually enjoyed the film (not ashamed to admit it).

I enjoyed the singing, dancing and most importantly the story telling. I enjoyed one part especially. It was when the male protagonist  and basketball star Troy Bolton helped the composer of the summer musical Kelsi Nielson pick up her music sheets because she clumsily dropped them. As Troy helped Kelsi with her sheets he said to her “Isn’t the composer of the show kinda like the playmaker in basketball”? “Playmaker”?  Kelsi said slightly bemused and Troy explained;“You know the one that makes everyone look good. Without you there is no show.” This relates to marketing. I’ll explain why.

Whether you work in a small or big team you just like Kelsi, can be your own ‘composer’ and ‘playmaker’ by using your initiative to help guide your team into meeting their main objective – satisfying the customer. You can help ‘orchestrate’ your team into telling a successful marketing story. If you believe there are ways to make a process run smoother and to help generate a Return Of Investment feel free to speak up and demonstrate your skills #compose. You have a pivotal role in the story. However to be a successful ‘playmaker’ and the best marketer you can be, just remember to FOCUS. Just like Troy Bolton and his basketball team The Wildcats get your #HeadInTheGame and you and your team can go onto telling a successful story just like Kelsi.  Go for it be a playmaker.




Emmanuel #EKsMarketingViews


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