Getting Attention


What is the purpose of getting attention?  To make yourself standout? To get noticed? To be unique? To show initiative? Or is it some or all of the above mentioned or is there more to it?

As a Social Media Contributor on LinkedIn (my profile

), I participate in and create group discussions for marketing professionals in various social groups. A few weeks ago as I was doing more research and learning more about my passion –marketing (checkout my blog, I saw one quote that I found quite interesting but also intriguing. I decided to put this quote up in the Marketing Communication group to see what my fellow marketers thought.  The quote was simply this:

Marketing is a contest for people’s attention” ~ Seth Godin.

Sounds like a fairly simply answer right? However, is it really that easy to decipher? Well, let’s take a look at some of the thoughts by professionals on this discussion:

Jennifer Lee – Student Leader-PR/Marketing Specialist-Baking Blogger-RU’15

Part of today’s marketing is to attract attention since social media came into play. The rest of it is maintaining consistency, produce an engaging and personal connection with your audience, and increasing profits“.

Nathanael Oke –Executive Director @Showers Of Love

As a matter of fact, marketing is a dynamic relationship. It starts from research to product development, and it gets to consumers’ door step and from there CRM continues ……..”

Jim Roberts – Helping businesses maximise the value of their data and improve ROI.

As others have said getting attention is the first part, but if you keep shouting for attention it will just become noise and eventually ignored. It is all about what you do with that attention and how you can grow this into permission to talk and a profitable relationship“.


Those above are just a few thoughts by my fellow professionals. Quite a few professionals participated in this topic – 30 to be precise. Although I agree with the majority, what I will add is this.  Yes marketing  can be a contest for getting people’s attention to a certain extend. In order to get people’s attention and retain and get new customers you have to PLAN.

By holding half yearly or yearly focus groups with customers,  work colleagues and members from the Decision-making Unit to discuss issues and ideas could give an organisation a real and ‘direct’ insight into their customers needs which undoubtedly would be vital information to have stored on their database and this would help tell a successful story and get people’s attention.

By listening, marketing will re-learn how to talk” – Doc Searls & David Weinberger.



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