Assembling a team


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I remember when the Avengers film came out two years and I went to the Odeon cinema in Beckenham with two of my friends to watch it. It was one of the most if not the hotly anticipated film of the year. We got to see some of the main characters from the Marvel Universe work together all in ONE film to save the planet.  The film did not disappoint and lived up to all the hype and expectation. The film’s director Joss Whedon is a creative genius.

Whilst the film offered action, humour (Hulk in the film was hilarious and stole the show in my opinion) and was a visual masterpiece to watch, it also showed two important aspects. It showed us as a viewer the importance of team work and diversity.

The director of S.H.E.I.L.D.  (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division – for those of you who wanted to know what it stands for) Nick Fury was assigned a mission to put together an elite squad of highly skilled, highly intelligent, powerful beings. He put together the elite squad called the ‘Avengers Initiative’. Their mission – to stop the tyrannical Loki and an extra-terrestrial race known as the Chitauri from using a powerful energy source known as the Tesseract to destroy earth and mankind.

As Nick Fury assembled his team to save the planet, as marketers and business people we too assemble a team – to identify, anticipate and satisfy the customers need. The team Nick Fury put together was a very diverse group.  Why? Well, diversity is a mixture of people who make an organisation unique. Different types of people bring different talent and that makes an organisation unique and a force to reckoned with.  Let’s look at the Avengers.  We have:

Tony Stark /Iron Man



He is charismatic, flamboyant, a philanthropist, but he is very tech savvy. He can more or less make something out of nothing with loads or limited materials and resources.

Dr Bruce Banner /The Hulk



He is a scientific genius analyzer. He in a sense uses science to get a better an understanding of things to get results but when mad he is also the ‘muscle’ of any team.

Thor/Prince of Asgard


He in a sense always looks to do the right thing at any cost. This is made evident as he is willing to stop his evil brother Loki for the sake of mankind. He is honest and noble.

Steve Rogers/Captain America



He encapsulates patriotism and is a leader. He is traditional in his ways but will listen and do what he believes is right for everyone.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow



She is a trained spy. She is intuitive and in a sense will get to the root/ cause of a problem and try find the answers needed.

Clint Barton /Hawkeye



He is a master of archery so he has close attention to detail. He is meticulous.

You see how the Avengers are diverse but with the different talents they have together they are formidable?

My point is diversity in a team is vital. People may come from different backgrounds and different walks of life (Thor came from another planet – Asgard) but that does not mean they cannot work together as a team. However within a team, communicating, listening and respecting each other is paramount to success.

What does T.E.A.M stand for?





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