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My nmae si Emamnule Knakam and mrakteing is my draem. Go for yuor draems beacuse tehy are yuors for a raeson.  Before you are all quick to point out the spelling mistakes….I know. I did this intentionally.

According to research at Cambridge University, it is irrelevant what order the letters in a word are and the only important thing is the first and last letter are in the right place. The rest of the letters can be jumbled up and you can still read the word with no problems. Why is this? Well because the human mind does not read every letter by itself, but the word as a whole. Interesting fact isn’t it? So, then in marketing, is grammar REALLY that important?

As few months ago on LinkedIn (my profile, I was involved in this very topic in The Chartered Institute of Marketing official group. Below are some of the responses:

 Clive Hill-Archer

Principal as Freelance Management Consultant

Punctuation generally and apostrophes are fundamental to the English language. Without them, comprehension of what we communicate in writing is seriously undermined. So, yes, I do mind if people get lazy and allow their standards to drop“.

Christine Foster

Graphic Designer at Innovative Graphics Limited

Successful communication is often a difficult task in itself, but improper spelling, incorrect use of apostrophes, annoying clichés…all can result in a loss of focus on the actual message that the writer is trying to convey“.

Frank Hutton – Career Coach

Career coach, CV and LinkedIn expert at Hutton & co

Great subject to get people talking and sharing! However (comma), it concerns me that folks can get more excited about an apostrophe than the future of their profession. Good communication sometimes breaks the rules to make its point. (correct omission of apostrophe)”.

As you can see, there are some interesting comments from my fellow professionals; this was my view on the topic in question:

Emmanuel Kankam

CIM Marketing Graduate chasing his dream, seeking an opportunity

In any type of marketing I still think apostrophes are important. SPAG – spelling, punctuation and grammar was also vital in school and should still play a vital lesson in general“.

Grammar helps with setting up and delivering the tone of voice in a message. The right tone of voice is essential in delivery the right sort of message to the consumer. If mistakes /grammatical errors are found, this causes distrust and the message can become lost in translation. Why buy into a product or service of an organisation if they cannot get their spelling, punctuation and grammar correct? This already pre-installs a lack of trust in the consumers mind.  Grammar is essential .However ,as Mr Hutton mentioned that good communication  does indeed sometimes break the rules to make a point  e.g. using abbreviations, slang ; that point/message has to be clear to the consumer and of one that they understand or there is no point in that message.

Emmanuel  #EKsMarketingViews


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