Ecommerce commenced…

Yesterday – 1st October, I attended this event:

eCommerce expo 2014

eCommerce expo 2014

I attended for one reason. The reason? To learn more about my passion and my dream – MARKETING (check out the rest of my blog:

I attended this seminar:

2014-10-01 22.28.57

It was great to be amongst other marketing professionals and learning from Mr Bowen how in the eCommerce world, brands must have a connected experience. Retail as Mr Bowen explained, is changing. It is all about experience now. For example, I’m sure all of you have heard about the fashion giant Burberry.  The organisation makes its customers have that connected experience through video engagement. It has a big screen as soon as you walk inside the store and it automatically grabs your attention. You can sense the organisations style and even legacy which is all encapsulated within the visuals on the screen.  The image below demonstrates this:



Burberry in a sense offers a concierge experience as you are greeted upon arrival and asked if you need any help or assistance by members of staff.

It is also important to remember that branding has been telling stories for years. For example in the Stone Age, Cavemen drew on walls and those drawings told a story and became part of their legacy.



Content marketing has become more of a science now and is important to have KPI’s. KPI’s are Key Performance Indicators. They are measurements of how well an organisation performs.  As David Bowan explained in the seminar, within content marketing it is important to define your goals and have metrics in place before you even start putting your marketing in place.

I enjoyed the seminar and the eCommerce expo exhibition as a whole.  I learned a lot and it just helped add more fuel to the passion that is burning in my stomach… MARKETING

2014-10-02 15.40.46



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