Say what you see….

Source: You Tube

Source: You Tube

I remember on a Saturday evening when I was young, my family and I would sit down at 6:30 and watch the game show Catchphrase just before Blind Date came on ITV (the good old days of Saturday television). The show was hosted by the Irish comedian Roy Walker. To accompany him was the shows beloved mascot Mr Chips – a computer animated golden robot. He would appear in some of the catchphrases.

A catchphrase is a recognised expression that originates from popular culture or art and is spread through media. For example, we have all heard that expression “It’s raining cats and dogs”. The purpose of Catchphrase was for two contestants to identify a piece of animation – a popular phrase which was accompanied by background music. In each round, a contestant would press the randomizer (a device that manipulates the stream of data) with their button and that would go on a cash amount to show the value of the animated phrase. If guessed right, the contestant would receive that amount.

Catchphrase draws parallels to marketing. I‘ll explain why. As the games show gave contestants animated content /phrases to guess, in marketing content should be clear. There is no button to press to illustrate the value of delivering a clear and concise message.

In marketing, content should be helpful and insightful. It should be enlightening, entertaining and help increase traffic on and offline for an organisation. Why is content so important?  Because it is a powerful tool for promotion of an organisation’s brand. The more content you share generates interest and helps build trust. How can this be done? This can be achieved through tone of voice. Using the right tone of voice for your audience gets across the right message. However, it is also important to have a human touch in your content and to keep it simple. Use language, not jargon that relates to and is easy for your audience to understand.

As Roy Walker’s catchphrase was “Say what you see”, marketing should be just that. Customers should be able to say, see, read and understand the content that is being put out for them.  In conclusion, content should be clear. If content is not clear, the customer won’t be content in finding out about the product or services that a company provides.



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