It’s the most wonderful time of the year


Rocking around the Christmas Tree at the Christmas party hop…”  (Classic Christmas song by Brenda Lee).  To many of us, Christmas is perceived as the best holiday of the year where we get time to relax, spend it with loved ones, family and friends. We get to go shopping, watch classic films (my favourite is still The Snowman), wear infamous jumpers, eat and be merry. It’s a time for unity and celebration. It has many (and different) meanings to everyone and creates long lasting and unforgettable memories.

Due to its commercialization, Christmas can also help tell a successful marketing story through its connotations and imagery. I’ll demonstrate below:

Father Christmas/Santa Claus

source: The Telegraph

source: The Telegraph

A fictional and creative character that has brought joy to millions all  across the world for centuries. I am not saying that an organization  should be fictional in delivering their message as this would mislead  customers and damage their brand and reputation. However, what I am  saying is that an organizations brand and message should be creative  and engage its audience.  A creative, clear and truthful message can  build an everlasting impact on its audience and create a meaningful and  positive legacy for years to come.




Just like the red nose reindeer an organisations brand should be  unique and stand it out.  It should have a USP. It should tell its audience  what it needs to know and not only be different from its competitors, it  should be perceived as being better.



The chimney



This has become synonymous with the legend that is Mr Claus. As Santa  goes down the chimney to deliver presents, it should come as second  nature to go deep into delivering an organizations message and  collating data and KYC – knowing your customer is vital.



Spending time with family


The ones you work with; your team are like family so everyone should  work in close collaboration to get a mutually beneficial outcome. The gifts  everyone gets? Satisfying the customers need and adding value to the  organizations brand and profitability.


Those are just a few examples of how the magic of Christmas can help tell a successful marketing story. To all of you reading, I wish you and your loved ones a blessed and merry Christmas.


Emmanuel #EKsMarketingViews



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