When thinking of the word testimony what usually comes into your head? Is it the image in court where the witness takes an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? The word itself has many connotations and can potentially decide the outcome of someone’s future.  When looking at the value of testimonials, these too can have an impact on an organization’s brand and reputation.

In 2014, “research by TechValidate discovered that 94% of B2B marketing and sales professionals rated content sourced from real customers (like customer testimonials) as “very effective” or “extremely effective” ”(www.spectoos.com).  That percentage there speaks for itself.

Why are testimonials so vital? Well because they provide truth and evidence. We have all heard the phrase that actions speak louder than words? Well in this case words speak louder than actions. Customers/clients have already witnessed the actions of the organisation and are now letting their words be a powerful promotional tool in endorsing the organizations products and services. By attaining testimonials from customers/clients they are an organizations brand ambassador.

When researching an organization you may potentially do business with, having testimonials helps you make a more informative and educated decision.  This is because they are from a customer or/and client perspective. Testimonials build creditability and helps establish trust. Testimonials provide what I call the ‘Ronseal’ effect.

We have all heard of Ronseal? Ronseal is the British wood stain and preservative manufacturer. The company’s slogan is “It does exactly what it says on the tin”. By having testimonials this helps emphasise that organizations not just promises but does exactly what they say.

When you go back to the word testimony and you picture the judge asking the jury in a case for their final verdict, the only thing an organization DOES want to be guilty of is providing a good product or service to its customers and clients.


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