The Parable of the Builder


One day there was a man who was a builder and he took his son to work with him for the day. He made his son build a little wall but every time his son nearly got to the top, the man knocked the bricks down. The man said “Son start again”. As the son continued to build the wall the father did the same thing. He knocked the wall down yet again. Getting frustrated, the son said to his father “Father why do you keep knocking down the wall when I get near the top?” The father replied “Son sometimes life will be tough. Anytime you get knocked down, keep going. You have to be persistent and eventually you will reach the top”.

As marketers we work in an industry where innovation is key. Sometimes we don’t always get the required results e.g. increase revenue by 10%. However, the most important thing to remember as challenging as it may seem, is to keep going and look at the difficulties as positives. Look at them as challenges to succeed. If things don’t go to plan, more research can be done and this can spark more innovation. Changing KPI’s and looking at how well your organisation performs can be vital in helping you define and reach your goal, get a return of investment and satisfy the customers need.

Persistence is paramount. Listen to ‘The Parable of the Builder’.



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