Let it flow….


Question – What runs but never gets tired?

Answer – Water, from a tap or a river.

Why did I start my post like this? Well, like a river or a tap, social media for businesses needs to have continuity.

When creating and deciding what social media platforms to use for your business, branding and design is essential. For example, if you create a LinkedIn company page with the business logo or an image but it doesn’t correlate with your Twitter page, does that look professional to you? No. It looks messy, unprofessional and breaks down continuity. On each social media platform there needs to some uniformity in regards to the design.

To provide continuity, all social media platforms should also have links to each other on their landing pages so it is easier for customers or clients (potential ones too) to learn more about the organisation.

According to Craig Smith, DMR publisher (focusing on digital marketing stats, strategy and gadgets), statistics have shown that around 72% of online adults visit Facebook at least once a month. That percentage creates a window of opportunity for organizations to engage with customers (new, old and potential).How? By making the content enticing. Statistics have also shown that posts with less than 80 characters received 66% more engagement than lengthier posts. Keep your posts short. Use images whenever possible to grab people’s attention.

With Twitter having only 140 characters the trick is to encapsulate enticing content within those parameters. By strategically placing #hashtags, using descriptive language, words and also links, this can generate traffic towards an organisation’s brand and website.

LinkedIn has 380 million users and is a great platform for businesses to network. The professional platform can act as a newsfeed for organizations to share information not just about their business but the industry that they are in. Businesses should also use LinkedIn to discuss upcoming events and industry news so this gets people engaged and can help establish business relationships.

However, with all social media platforms (not just the ones mentioned), it is not just about learning how to do social it always about BEING social. To also increase continuity on social media, ask questions to your target audience. Don’t just get them engaged but make them stay engaged. By asking questions it also makes your target audience know you value them and their opinions and can help build a rapport. You could also be potentially gaining valuable information which can help further satisfy their need and create brand loyalty.

For continuity to happen however, this stems from management. Time needs to be allocated for regular meetings with senior management to discuss plans, KPI’S, strategies, and steps going forward. If this does not happen this could potentially cause image problems for an organization’s messages on social media as they could be interpreted wrong and lost in translation.

Like a river or a tap, social media platforms should flow continuously and be frequented updated. Why? Because it adds credibility, organic SEO enhancements – brand awareness and targeting new customers or clients.


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