Snip it, Clip it, Edit – How to curate content

source: The Broad Institute

Content is the reason search began in the first place” ~ Lee Odden. Bold statement but true.

Content is not just about story telling. It is about telling a story ; a true story so well that your desired audience are engaged and take the appropriate action. How is this done you ask? By curating content. In order to do this there are vital steps that need to occur.

Step 1 – KYC/KYA. In short this means know your customer, know your audience. With the rise of the phenomenon that is social media, we can now get more of an insight into our audience. We can find out what they like, share, comment on and use this data to help curate content that matches their needs.

Step 2 – Be precise, be very selective. Once you have nailed step 1, it is about knowing what content to put in, what to share and on what platform. Pick quality content that shows how you would like to be perceived. Try show your USP through your chosen curated content. However when curating and creating, content should have the same tone of voice as this provides continuity.

Step 3 – KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Have an aim. What is that you want to achieve? Do you want to create brand awareness? Provide and share knowledge with your audience? Become a thought leader? How? Have clear objectives and the content you curate will reflect in this.

Step 4 – Be organised. With so much information on the world wide web, we need to have a place for reading and finding content. We need a place that is a live encyclopedia, a system that can store all this vital information otherwise we are just wasting time.

Step 5 – Reference your sources. This is essential. By referencing curated content this helps enrich your content, add credibility to your work and avoid plagiarism . By acknowledging the content creator this can also help expand your views.

Step 6 – Answer questions. By knowing your audience you can address potential enquiries or concerns they may have through accurate third party content.

Step 7 – Let your voice be heard. Add commentary to curated content, show your views and knowledge and insight on a specific topic. By adding your opinions, you are given your created content some context.

All these steps are vital in curating content. When curating content also remember…


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