A-Z of Marketing Part 1

alphabet part 1

A is for Attention to Detail. This helps instil trust and professionalism. This advice is paramount to overall success.

B is for Basics. It is always important to never forget the fundamentals and basics of identifying, anticipating and satisfying the customers need.

C is for Customer. Customers are the lifeblood of an organization. It goes without saying just how important they are to an organisation and its existence.

D is for Data. Data is not just about numbers but telling a story – the customers story .

E is for Exceeding Excellence. This means not just going the extra mile to satisfy customers needs but leaving them so satisfied they will do repeat business and become brand advocates for the organization.

F is for Flow. With social media being such a phenomenon, for businesses to incorporate it successfully in their overall strategy, it needs to flow and have continuity in order to keep its audience engaged.

G is for Growth. With today’s market being highly competitive, looking at different strategies and techniques can be a winning formula for growth and having an edge over competitors.

H is for Having the right Tone of Voice. This helps an organization convey their brand personality. It not only reflects what advertisements say about a brand, but how they say it. It lets consumers know who an organization is.

I is for Imagination.  Doing things in a way that customers find attractive, engaging by using tools and information you have. To capture a customer’s attention, creativity and imagination is key.

Part 2 to come soon. Until next time….


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Note: Statistics in the links were accurate at time of publications.


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