A-Z of Marketing Part 3


S is for strategy. The planners of today are leaders of tomorrow. To have a clear and concise strategy to generate revenue, get a return of investment and satisfy the customers need, planning is essential.

T is for Teamwork and diversity. People may come from different walks of life and have different skill sets. However, when put together they can build a formidable team that benefits an organisation and ultimately the customer.

U is Utilizing. Take advantage of the resources you already have in an organization and utilize them to meet objectives and deliver desirable outcomes.

V is for Vision. Always make sure the work produced reflects that of the organization’s vision and ethos. This is paramount.

W is for Work Ethic. This is crucial. A strong work ethic is paramount to success. Remember…. “Work like they can’t so you can accomplish what they won’t”.

X is x for X-ray. Yes x-ray. Like a doctor examining a patient to find the route course of problem, it is essential to go deep in investigating how to keep customers (old, new and potential) satisfied.

Y is for you. Yes YOU. Whatever your role is within an organization, you play a vital part in satisfying the customers need.

Z is for Zeroing in on your target. With all the letters combined together, this helps build a strong formula that will ultimately identify, anticipate and satisfy the customers need.

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Note: Statistics in the links were accurate at time of publications.


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