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What do you think of this statement?


You may be thinking “why or even how?!” Well, in an ideal business world, there wouldn’t be no complaints and the customer would always be satisfied with the product or service that they receive. Sounds good right? However, it could be argued that if we did live in an ideal business world, a company’s product or the service that they provide could become stagnant without any complaints.

Without customers providing some constructive criticism and input, you could argue that “how can there be any room for innovation?” By listening to complaints, addressing them accordingly, this can change a company’s mindset from a negative one to a positive one. This is because customers who complain can help a business think of different and creative strategies and techniques to provide a better service to their desired audience.

A complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction. However, it is also vital to remember that the word dissatisfaction still has the word satisfaction within it so things can be turned around. Don’t look at complaints as a negative but see them as catalyst to create change; a positive change that will benefit business and get a return of investment. The biggest payoff however will be retaining (and gaining) customers and their trust by satisfying their needs.


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