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This year we have seen a rise in businesses focusing more on creating content that resonates with their target audience in order to increase brand awareness, form relationships and help to generate a return of investment. More emphasis has been on conducting research to identify key insights to support content creation . With the new year drawing close, here is a list courtesy of -gathering influential people in the industry, showing their predictions for content marketing in 2017:

  1. Content Production Will Increase While True Content Marketing Effectiveness Will Decrease
    Call me a pessimist, but if the last three years are any indication (as seen in the CMI Content Benchmark Study), we will see a continued decline in content effectiveness but an increase in content production. Unless marketers begin to gain deep buyer insights and understand their buyers buying patterns, challenges and motives to purchase, content will miss the mark.  I hope I am wrong, but after three years of content effectiveness declining, I fear we are in a bad trend
    ~ Carlos Hidalgo – CEO of ANNUITAS@cahidalgo
  2. User-generated content shall be forefront in the minds of every social savvy publisher. Smartphones have put a powerful production studio in everyone’s pocket. Smart marketers understand happy customers are far more persuasive than anything they could possibly create themselves and will be working on initiatives to create a snap-happy army of brand advocates”.
    ~ Barry FeldmanFeldman Creative@feldmancreative
  3. I have three content marketing trends: 1.) Micro-targeting and hyper personalization will go mainstream. (Smaller audiences + more relevant messaging = higher conversion rate) (Dennis Yu has been leading the way with this) 2.) Live video will issue a death sentence to the talking head video and content marketers will be forced to learn basic film editing and the rules of composition. 3.) Guns n Roses will extend their current tour to include London”.
    Jason Miller – Group Manager, Content Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions @jasonmillerca
  4. The experienced companies with content marketing will find themselves going ‘all in’ on video– to the point where many will now produce more video-based content than textual-based content”.
    Marcus Sheridan–  President, The Sales Lion @TheSalesLion
  5. 2017 Is the year of the content brand. Instead of creating branded content (content created for your company), we’ll start creating content brands (content created for a valuable audience.) Content Brands turn marketing expenses into assets”.
    ~ Andrew Davis – Founder, Monumental Shift(@DrewDavisHere)
  6. 2017 will see brands move to more specialization, visualization, personalization, and humanization in their content marketing programs and approaches”.
    Michael Brenner– CEO of Marketing Insider Group, and co-author of The Content Formula. (@BrennerMichael)

I believe next year there will be more emphasis on story-telling within content to grasp an audience’s attention. With continuous rise of social media, I also believe companies will focus more on making their content human. By this I mean looking at analytics more to see what content resonates with their target audience and creating content around that. Companies will also converse more with consumers online whether it is by creating questionnaires, answering questions, queries or complaints promptly to help with customer satisfaction and building real relationships.

Do you agree with any of the predictions from some of the most influential people in the marketing industry? What’s your prediction for content marketing in 2017? Feel free to add a comment.

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