No Strings Attached – What Pinocchio Teaches Us


When you wish upon a star…” Growing up, Pinocchio was my favourite Disney character (still is today). Like all Disney films, the fictional wooden protagonist who wanted to be a real boy told an important life story but also an important marketing one.

Whether it is do with branding , creating or curating content , meeting and exceeding your customers expectations, never lie to your customers ; they are the lifeblood of an organization. Lying does not just mean false advertising, not delivering on a promise, it can also mean plagiarizing.

If you want your marketing and business to have a real connection with your target audience and customers don’t just look at data (that is very important though), always be truthful about the product/service that you provide. Otherwise, you could end up looking like an “ass” just like Pinocchio did and ruin your brand’s reputation. Always be clear and honest with your customers  and your dreams will come true as you will gain their respect , loyalty ,satisfaction and a return of investment.


Emmanuel #EKsMarketingViews


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